Wind Energy

Wind Farm :

WBREDA installed 8 X 250 kW Wind Energy Generators at Freserganj. One machine is out of order but other machines are in operating condition. WBREDA is getting service charge from WBSEDCL by selling power to their grid. The performances of WEGs are found to be satisfactory. WBREDA is working out the financial proposition in respect of expenditure involved to set right the non-operating machine and expected service charge to be generated.

WBREDA has prepared a proposal for installation two more Wind Electric Generation Projects with capacity 1 X 250 kW each at Ganga Sagar & Beguakhali in Sagar Island under South 24 Parganas District.

Wind – Diesel Hybrid :

WBREDA is operating a Wind-Diesel-Gasifier Hybrid Power Projects having 4 x 50 kW WEG, 2 x 180 KVA DG Sets and 1 x 150 kW Biomass Gasifier (Duel Fuel type).  The project has been funded by MNRE, Govt. of India; ICEF & the State Government. The Project was conceived as a Technology Demonstration Project.  A brief statement of the power plant is furnished below :

Year of Installation No. of Consumers Average Revenue Average Expdt. Duration of Power Supply Distribution line Village Covering
2002 700 Rs.1.50 Lacs p.m. (Average tariff Rs.11.00 per unit) Rs.50.00 lacs per month 5/6 hours daily 12 km LT
12 km HT
6 Nos.

Wind-Solar Hybrid :

WBREDA conceived a project proposal for installation of six numbers Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects for six different schools under Sagar Block in Sundarban. The main objective of the project is to provide power for operating Computers and Laboratory Equipments. Each hybrid system comprises of 3 kW Aero Generator and 3 kW PV with Battery Storage System. The total financial involvement for this purpose would be Rs.133.40 Lacs. The financial features are as under :

Year of Sanction Item Physical
Fin outlay
(Rs. Lacs)
2009 – 10 Six numbers PV Wind Hybrid Project for six different schools at Sagar Block. 3 kW Aero generator plus 3 kW PV Array for each of the school.  133.40
(72 by MNRE, 60.35 by State and 1.05 by Beneficiary)

The Wind Solar Hybrid Systems is commissioned in the following schools of Sundarbans:

  • Manasadwip Ramakrishna Mission High School
  • Ghoramara Milan Vidyapith
  • Natendrapur Natendranath High School
  • Rudranagar Debendra Vidyapith
  • Dhablat Lakshman Parabesh High School
  • Bishnupur Khagendranath Balkrishna Vidyabhaban


Aero Generator :

WBREDA has installed four aero generators each of capacity 5 kW at two existing Solar PV Power Plants at Gayen Bazar 25 kW Solar PV Power Plant and at Moushuni 55 kW Solar PV Power Plant of Sundarbans. WBREDA is facing problem in maintain the Aero Generators. Three Aero Generators have been badly damaged due to Aila. WBREDA already informed the matter to MNRE Government of India for providing fund in restoring the systems. Performances of Aero Generators are found well particularly for the period from March to September.

New Projects of 2 MW capacity Wind Generation :

WBREDA has initiated a proposal for installation of 2 MW capacity Power Plant through Wind Energy.

Recent Development
  • The power demand in Sagar Island is, at present, met from Solar PV Power of aggregate capacity about 250 kW and from a diesel generator power system of capacity 400 kW. The total number of consumer in Sagar Island is to the tune of 1500 now.

    However, there are a large number of prospective consumers, who are awaiting for electric power.Under such circumstances,WBREDA has decided to set up a Wind-Diesel Hybrid power Plant of capacity 500 kW to cater the need of the Island people. [ more ]

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