Solar Energy Programme

Solar Home and Solar Street Lights under RVE Programme :
West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency conceived a proposal to electrify five villages in Sundarbans with renewable energy systems. MNRE, Government of India sanctioned the project. The villages are as follows:

a) Purba Radhanagar of Gosaba Block,
b) Kumirmari of Gosaba Block
c) Amlamethi of Gosaba Block
d) Muriganga of Sagar Block.
e) Gobindapur of Sagar Block.

Project Components are:

a) Solar PV Home Lighting System                      : 6161 Nos.
b) Solar PV Street Lighting System                      : 616  “”
c) PV-Biomass Gasifier Hybrid Power Plant    : 02   “”

WBREDA has already completed the above project with installation of 6161 Nos. Home Lighting Systems and 616 Nos. Solar Photovoltaic Street Lighting Systems. The total financial involvement for these two projects become Rs.881.00 Lacs. Necessary matching share of State Govt. has been received.

WBREDA also conceived a proposal during 2009-10 for electrification of six remote villages in Sundarbans. The project has been approved by the Department of Power and NES, Government of West Bengal. The project has also been sanctioned by the MNRE, Government of India towards Renewable Energy for rural applications in remote villages; during the year 2009-10 vide Sanction Order No. 1/29/1/2008-09/RVE dated 11-06-2009.

The project envisaged electrification of six(06) villages as follows with Solar PV Home Lighting System for individual house holds and Solar PV Street Lighting System for community uses as an interim measure till grid is extended to those villages.

Project Locations:

Village Name Gram Panchayet Block
Mathurakhanda, Bally -1 Gosaba,
Paschim Radhanagar Radhanagar-Taranagar Gosaba,
Purba Sripatinagar Achintanagar Patharpratima
Paschim Sripatinagar Achintanagar Patharpratima
Rakshkhali Brajaballavpur Patharpratima
Ghoramara Ghoramara Sagar

Project Components:

Components Number Beneficiary
Solar PV Home Lighting System 6779 Individual Household
Solar PV Street Lighting System 650 Community

Project Cost Sharing Pattern (RS):

Source Solar PV HLS Solar PV SLS Total Share % Share
MNRE 76,263,750 12,741,300 89,005,050 76%
Beneficiary 17,010,900 0 17,010,900 14%
State 5,020,850 6,758,700 11,779,550 10%
Total Project Cost 1,17,795,500 100%

The financial features for electrification of six (06) villages through SPV – HLS & SLS are as under :

Year of Sanction Item Physical Target (Nos.) Fin outlay
(Rs. Lacs)
2009 – 10 HLS 6779 813.00 Work is going on.
SLS 650 156.00 Completed.

WBREDA has already issued beneficiary list in first phase for initiating collection of beneficiary contribution from Ghoramara, Rakshkhali & Paschim Sripatinagar. The list for other villages is yet to be issued. It is noted that collection of beneficiary contribution has already been started at village Rakshkhali, Purba Sripatinagar & Paschim Sripatinagar. WBREDA has already taken up the matter with South 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad. With the request of WBREDA, District Administration of South 24 Parganas has called a meeting with the Secretary, Zilla Parishad where concerned BDO / Pradhan / Panchayet Samity Members were present. For other villages, it has been decided that necessary action will be taken for immediate preparation of beneficiary list and other allied works to complete the project without further loss of time.

Installations of Solar PV Street Lighting Systems have been completed.

Meanwhile, WBREDA formulated a project proposal for interim electrification of 18 nos. remote census villages under Remote Village Electrification Programme of MNRE, Govt. of India. Under the above RVE Programme, all households including community establishments in the proposed village shall be provided with Solar Photovoltaic Home Lighting Systems and Solar Photovoltaic Street Lighting Systems. The State Government has sanctioned the project. The source of funding provisions proposed to be as follows :

MNRE, Govt. of India         : Rs.31,26,54,780.00
State Government         : Rs.1,81,94,220.00
Beneficiary             : Rs.3,67,61,000.00

Project locations :

Sl. No. Village Block
1. Dayapur, Gosaba
2. Satjalia, Do
3. Sudhansupur, Do
4. Lahiripur, Do
5. Hamilton Abad, Do
6. Sadhupur, Do
7. Luxbagan, Do
8. Gobindapur Abad, Pathar Pratima
9. Krishnadaspur, Do
10. Gobardhanpur, Do
11. Satyadaspur, Do
12. Sridharnagar, Do
13. Upendranagar, Do
14. Rakhalpur, Do
15. Maushuni, Namkhana
16. Kushumtala, Do
17. Baliara, Do
18. Bagdanga Do

Project Components :

Components Number Beneficiary
Solar Photovoltaic Home Lighting System 23745 Individual household
Solar Photovoltaic Street Lighting System 742 Community

The proposal for state share has been sent to the Department for sanctioning of Rs.1,22,00,000/-. By this time, WBREDA has already initiated preliminary activities for finalizing beneficiary list for 18 village involving Three Tire Panchayets. A kick off meeting chaired by the Additional Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal with the Members of Village Panchayets, Panchayet Samities, Zilla Parishad Members and District Administration with the representatives of Department has been done. With the initiatives of Department, a meeting with the District Administration of South 24 Parganas has also been done for successful completion of the project.

Preliminary survey work, as a part of implementation of RVE programme at 18 villages of Sundarbans has been completed. Physical survey has also been completed. Tender process is going on.

Solar HLS & Solar Street Lights for Rural & Remote Areas under Normal Programme :

Under Solar PV Programme, the activities comprise of :

Sanction for installation of 19,783 Solar PV Home Lighting Systems in different parts of West Bengal with special reference to Sundarban areas and West Midnapore District for the financial year 2009–10 have been received from MNRE. The installations work of 19783 nos. SPV – HLS have been completed and out of 1000 nos. SPV – SLS, so far 1000 nos. installations have been completed. The financial feature of Solar HLS & Solar SLS (Normal programme) is given here under.

Year of Sanction Item Physical Target
 Fin outlay
(Rs. Lacs)
 Achievement Remarks
(Rs. Lacs)
2009 – 10 HLS  19783 1000.00
State share
MNRE share, balance 373.00 beneficiary share.
 19783 65.00
has already been released and 30.00 lace to be released by this month.
SLS  1000  247.00  1000 58.00 Completed

WBREDA so far installed about 1,80,000 nos. of Solar PV Home Lighting Systems in different parts of the State with special reference to Sundarban area.

MNRE, Govt. of India has not sanctioned SPV HLS Programme for the year 2011 – 12. This programme is now undertaken under NABARD Scheme.

Solar SLS Programme in Urban & Rural Areas :

Solar PV Street Lighting Programme is being implemented in urban and rural areas during the financial year 2010–11. The programmes for rural areas are being undertaken mostly in the Jetties of Sundarbans and the urban area programmes are being taken up in the municipal areas in collaboration with various Municipalities. WBREDA has initiated a programme to organize a workshop with different Municipal Authorities of North Bengal and South Bengal for creating awareness of use of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Municipal Solid Waste etc. in the urban areas. MNRE, Govt. of India has sanctioned 5825 nos. SPV – SLS for the financial year 2010 – 2011. WBREDA has completed installation of 5825 nos. SPV – SLS in different parts of the State of West Bengal.

Installation of Solar PV Power Plant at different Schools for Computer Education :

WBREDA has installed two solar PV Power Plants each of capacity 2 kWp in Moushuni Island for providing power in operating Computers and Laboratory Equipments. The name the schools are: Moushuni Co-operative High Schools and Baliara Kishor High School.

WBREDA prepared a project proposal for installation of six (06) nos. stand alone Solar PV Power Systems for six different Schools in Satjelia Island of Gosaba Block and two Schools at Dakshin Dinajpur Districts. In the mean time, Hon’ble MLA, Gosaba Assembly Constituency (AC) has already allocated a fund amounting to Rs.15.00 lakh from BEUP for installation of Solar PV Systems at six different Schools (Rs.2.50 lakh for each School) under Gosaba Block. WBREDA has already sent a proposal to State Government for Sanctioning balance fund. WBREDA has also received a confirmation from the Hon’ble MLA of Gangarampur AC in respect of providing fund amounting to Rs.2.50 lacs for one of the School in Dakshin Dinajpur.

It has been suggested that WBREDA should also take up the matter with MNRE, Govt. of India in arranging fund for installation of Solar PV Power Systems for the Schools.

Meanwhile, WBREDA has formulated one more proposal for installation of a grid connected Solar PV Power Plant of capacity 25 kWp for Jalpaiguri Engineering College. The proposal has recently been considered by MNRE, Govt. of India and sanctioned 90% of the project cost (based on bench mark price) under JNNSM Scheme.

The installation work of 100 kW (2 X 50 kW) capacity Solar PV Power Plant at Heritage Engineering College, Kolkata has been completed.

Installation of Solar PV Systems and Improved Chulha for the 100 identified Schools under South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas and Murshidabad Districts – Proposal of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal :

Principal Secretary, Department of Power & NES, Government of West Bengal took a meeting where Secretary, School Education Department, Director, WBREDA and other Officials from WBREDA & School Education Department were present.

It has been decided that initially WBREDA would prepare a proposal for installation of Solar PV Systems and Improved Chulha for the 100 identified Schools under South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas and Murshidabad Districts.  In addition, School Education Department shall also provide name of another 100 Schools where only Improved Chulhas shall be installed for preparation of Mid Day Meal by reducing fuel consumption.

As per decision of the meeting, WBREDA has completed survey work and based on survey, WBREDA submitted project proposal for sanctioning of 90% of the project cost from MNRE, Govt. of India under JNNSM Scheme. MNRE, Govt. of India recently sanctioned the project.  After having confirmation of sanction from MNRE, Govt. of India; WBREDA has prepared and submitted Detailed Project Proposal to the Department of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal and requested to place balance fund to complete the project work within the stipulated time line as fixed up by the MNRE, Govt. of India.

WBREDA has also prepared a project proposal for installation of Solar PV Systems with capacity ranging from 1 kW to 4 kW in 135 nos. Schools under different Districts of the State. Orders have already been placed for the purpose.

Solar PV Power Plants for village electrification :

WBREDA has installed a number of Solar PV Power Plants in Sundarbans for village electrification purpose. The status of power plants are as follows:

Kamalpur 26 kWp Feb-96
Mrityunjoy Nagar 26 kWp Oct-98
Khasmahal 25 kWp May-99
Gayenbazer 25 kWp May-99
Mahendraganj 25 kWp Aug-99
Natendrapur 28.5 kWp Aug-00
Uttar Haradhanpur 28.5 kWp Nov-00
Mandirtala 28.5 kWp Dec-00
Bagdanga 55 kWp Mar-01
Baliara 110 kWp Apr-03
Indrapur 110 kWp Apr-04
Rakhalpur 110 kWp Jun-05
Kaylapara 110 kWp Dec-05
Pathankhali 55kWp May-06
Tushkhali 55 kWp in progress
Daudpur 55 kWp Jan-06

33 sets of Battery Banks have been installed in different Power Plants.

Due to land problem, the installation work for Tushkhali project could not be taken up in time. But when commissioning work was at the final stage, the Aila damages the entire power plant including its PCUs. The Power Plant was submersed for a period of 4–5 days. WBREDA has extended the time of completion in consultation with MNRE.

Solar Thermal Programme :

Solar Hot Water Systems for Individuals, Institutions, Commercial Institutions:

WBREDA is implementing the Solar Thermal Programme which includes installation of Solar Water heating Systems and Solar Cookers; across the State of West Bengal. WBREDA has installed Solar Water Heating Systems (both FPC & ETC type) at different students Hostels, Corporate Houses, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and at individual premises with the aggregated capacity of 12,500 LPD. (The capacity is in the range of 100 LPD to 1200 LPD for single installation) during 2010 – 11 financial year.

The demand for Solar Hot Water System is increasing day by day and people are habituating for its multiple uses of Hot Water like in the Kitchen as preheated water to reduce the LPG consumption; for cleaning of utensils and clothes, other than its application for bathing. In this perspective, WBREAD has planned to install 25000 LPD Hot Water System for the financial year 2011 – 12.

In respect of Solar Thermal Programme, WBREDA has settled the tender for 100 LPD ETC. For bigger size, WBREDA has opened the tender. The evaluation process is going on. Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal is interested to install Solar Thermal Programme in 100 School Hostels in the State. WBREAD has already received fund for some School Hostels under MPLADs.  The matter is under discussion stage.

Solar Cooker and Improved Chulha Programme :

WBREDA introduced Solar Cooking System in different Institutions for Community Kitchen and Mid Day Meal Programmes in different Schools of the State. Approximately, 10,000 nos. of applications from different areas of the state are in hand with WBREDA. State Government has sanctioned financial assistance for this purpose and it is expected that the entire applications intending installation of Improved Chulha may be completed by March, 2012. At Bagmundi under Purulia District, 9 Sqm. Reflector Size Solar Cooker is installed / commissioned for catering about 50 Students under Mid-Day Meal Programme. WBREDA has targeted for installation of Solar Cooker to cater 5000 meals per day under Mid-Day Meal Programme.

In Family Size Solar Cooker, presently WBREDA has introduced improved model, where all sorts of cooking including frying is also possible.

Recent Development
  • The power demand in Sagar Island is, at present, met from Solar PV Power of aggregate capacity about 250 kW and from a diesel generator power system of capacity 400 kW. The total number of consumer in Sagar Island is to the tune of 1500 now.

    However, there are a large number of prospective consumers, who are awaiting for electric power.Under such circumstances,WBREDA has decided to set up a Wind-Diesel Hybrid power Plant of capacity 500 kW to cater the need of the Island people. [ more ]

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