RE Programme for Fishing Trawler in Deep Sea

WBREDA had organized one Workshop on above said subject, jointly with Digha Fisherman and Fish Trawlers Association on 20th February, 2011 at Digha Mohona. The Director, WBREDA along with WBREDA officials attended the above said programme. M/s. Annapurna Export, M/s. Dhanashree Electronics and M/s. Green Grid were the agencies, who had provided necessary support to organize above said programme. The extracts of the discussions are placed below :

1. There are three categories of vessels that are collecting fish from the deep sea. These are
fishing trawlers, fishing launch and trawlers that carrying net.
2. Solar PV installations may be ideal for fishing launch because they hold at night and
battery charging is required for them.
3. Solar Cooker may be installed for all the above three categories of the vessels.
4. The fisherman Association has placed the requirements like provision of electricity for
refrigeration in the tune of 8 kW of their existing generator, battery charging arrangement
and partial replacement of the diesel consumption.

In respect of above said requirements, WBREDA may venture the option like installation of small arrow generators with tentative capacity of 400 kW etc. with a Hybrid System of Solar PV of    1 kW capacity.

As desired by the Director, WBREDA the Fisherman Association has agreed to provide 1 / 2 nos. trawlers to carry out the above said experiment. It was further discussed that preparation of proper specifications and assessment of viability about the installation of Renewable Energy installation may be carried out by WBREDA for implementation of such project.

1 / 2 hotel owners was also present in the said meeting, who are expressed their interest to install Solar Water Heating System at their hotels.

The Director, WBREDA has expressed and desired to have a further meeting in respect of above two sectors (Fishing Trawlers and Hotels) in coming days for future implementation of such programme.

Recent Development
  • The power demand in Sagar Island is, at present, met from Solar PV Power of aggregate capacity about 250 kW and from a diesel generator power system of capacity 400 kW. The total number of consumer in Sagar Island is to the tune of 1500 now.

    However, there are a large number of prospective consumers, who are awaiting for electric power.Under such circumstances,WBREDA has decided to set up a Wind-Diesel Hybrid power Plant of capacity 500 kW to cater the need of the Island people. [ more ]

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